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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Video Predifined Filtering

The fspecial function produces several kinds of predefined filters, in the form of correlation kernels. After creating a filter with fspecial, you can apply it directly to your image data using imfilter. This example illustrates applying an unsharp masking filter to an intensity image. The unsharp masking filter has the effect of making edges and fine detail in the image more crisp.

I = imread('moon.tif');
h = fspecial('unsharp');
I2 = imfilter(I,h);
imshow(I), title('Original Image')
figure, imshow(I2), title('Filtered Image')

In Video:

fin = 'rawVideo.avi';
fout = 'test.avi';
fileinfo = aviinfo(fin);
nframes = fileinfo.NumFrames;
aviobj = avifile(fout, 'compression', 'none', 'fps',fileinfo.FramesPerSecond);
for i = 1:20
%Read frames from input video
mov_in = aviread(fin,i);
im_in = frame2im(mov_in);
%Do processing on each frame of the video
%In this example - Predefined Filters
h= fspecial('unsharp');
im_out = imfilter(im_in,h);
%Write frames to output video
frm = im2frame(im_out);
aviobj = addframe(aviobj,frm);
%i %Just to display frame number
%Don't forget to close output file
aviobj = close(aviobj);



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